See details on our full-service mobile video surveys, plus reporting, highlight reels and other extras.

It could take you years of trial and error to learn mobile video survey best practices. That’s what happened to us! Our expertise is on hand during your entire research project. We help you define your objective, we build your screener, we recruit the right people for you, we help structure your questions so you will get the best video responses, we proof every video response to ensure it meets our quality standards, and we replace any subpar participants free of charge. And that’s just for our basic service, where your deliverable is a video response matrix with all of your participants' video responses plus transcripts. We also provide reporting and analysis and/or a curated video to bring the consumer insights dramatically to life for your team(s) internally.

Basic Service: Mobile Video Survey Execution

Screener development and posting to our database
Applicant evaluation and acceptance / rejection
$50 participant incentive paid via PayPal
Standard targeted US domestic recruit
Mobile Video Survey
Best practices and survey questions consultation
Question posting (7 questions per respondent)
A/V quality assurance of every video response
Replacement of subpar participants (at no cost)
Private link to view matrix of video responses (gray-label available)
Video matrix includes downloadable transcripts
Each clip available as an individual link to share
Videos downloadable, 3-month media storage

Standard mobile video survey packages start at $7,300 for 15 respondents, 105 minutes of video feedback, 7-day turnaround.

Additional Services

Take advantage of our post-survey services, and further research customization options.

Get the most out of your qualitative video research by taking advantage of our post-survey services. Our expert team analyses the footage and pulls the consumer insights, crafting the overarching themes for you, and presenting conclusions. Your report has poignant videos embedded within, bringing the story to life, and facilitating empathy for you and your team as you develop your subsequent strategy. To give your research even more punch, consider the video highlight reel - a professional video of the most significant findings from the research, in your target's own words, voices, gestures, etc. Finally, schedule a debrief with your MindSwarms Project Manager to participate in an interactive presentation of the key findings.

Rest assured that you can also customize your mobile video survey even further to meet all of your research objectives. Don’t feel limited to a standard US recruit. Collect responses from both global and niche targets. Urgent timeline? Expedite your survey and receive all survey data as soon as 2 days after launch. When planning the research, you can always include additional questions (above the 7 question standard) if needed.

Analysis and Reporting

Have MindSwarms identify the significant insights from your research and draft a full report on the findings. Your report includes embedded video responses of those who “said it best” along with verbatims. Use this as a launch pad for developing strategy for your business goals.

Video Highlights

Share your insights. We’ll capture and edit together the most emotional, descriptive, and significant participant video responses so you can view them in a cohesive highlight reel, threaded with title cards, music and b-roll. Let the story of your research speak for itself.


Request a presentation of the results of your research from the MindSwarms team member working closest to your project - your Project Manager. Use this interactive session to share insights with colleagues, delve deeper into the data, and discuss future research strategy.

Global/Niche Recruitment

Get access to participants anywhere in the world (in any language). Most common markets include Western Europe, China, Japan, India, Mexico Brazil. Translations are included. You can also request a niche recruit, such as line cooks at restaurants that use a lot of BBQ sauce!

Rush Order

Receive insights even faster. Our standard domestic US turnaround is 7-days, but if time is of the essence (e.g. you’re an agency preparing for a pitch, or need a last gut-check on creative for a campaign), request an expedited research timeline and see your data delivered in as quickly as 2 days.

Additional Questions

Enjoy the freedom of asking as many survey questions as you’d like. Our standard 7 questions tend to satisfy most objectives. But if you are executing feature-intensive product-testing, for example, additional questions might be necessary. Or an add-on question post-main survey may come in handy.

Partner Analysts

Receive top-quality reporting from top-quality analysts.

When executing analysis and reporting for your survey, we hand pair analysts with your project based on their particular industry and demographic expertise. Each analyst in our network approaches the task from a senior-level background focusing on one or more of the following: brand consulting, brand strategy, innovation, and consumer insights. Examples of analyst industry expertise include (but are by no means limited to): CPG, apparel, technology, retail, sports and banking. Demographic experience ranges from a generational focus, such as on Millennials, GenXers and Boomers to cultural expertise in specific international markets. Your Project Manager and your Analyst will collaborate hand-in-hand to glean insights from your mobile video survey's video responses and craft your report, collecting feedback from you along the way and refining direction as appropriate to ensure that the final outcome precisely fits your business needs.

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Brian L.

Human Insights

25 years in field

Industry Specialties:
Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Health Care, Food Beverages, Mobile, New Products, Sustainability
Demographic Specialties:
Boomers, Adolescents

I love to listen to people and figure out what it is they are really saying with their words, tone and gestures. I love finding the deeper human story beneath the surface.

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Susan C.

Senior Strategist and Insights Consultant

20+ years in field

Industry Specialties:
Apparel Accessories, Consumer goods, Food beverages, Sports, Telecommunication
Demographic Specialties:
Millennials, Boomers, Adolescents
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Kat H.

Freelance Brand Strategist

8 years in field

Industry Specialties:
Apparel Accessories, Banking, Consumer goods, Consumer services, Food Beverages, Health Care, Telecommunications, Beauty Personal Care, Tourism Hospitality, Baby Care
Demographic Specialties:
Millennials, Boomers, Affluent; Experience in international campaigns and these markets: China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt

I truly love market research and strategy based on human insights and am consistently inspired by our respondents.


Leslie K.

Consumer Insight/Brand Strategy Consultant

20+ years in field

Industry Specialties:
Apparel Accessories, Automotive, Banking, Consumer goods, Consumer services, Food beverages, Health care, Software, Sports, Telecommunications, Technology, Other: retail, gaming, museum
Demographic Specialties:
Millennials, Boomers, Seniors, Children, Adolescents, Students.

I have been a "client-side" marketer, a marketing firm staff consultant and an agency account planning director over the course of my career - which I like to think makes me an empathetic, intuitive partner to clients. I have an M.B.A. from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College - a program that helped me to strengthen my left "business brain" and have been fortunate to work with some of the most creative right brained people in the industry.