Our Database
Your guarantee: quality of participant and quality of response.

Confidence in your qualitative research findings relies upon receiving feedback from the right people. We eliminate that wild-card so often encountered in digital research: who are the people responding to your research questions, are they really whom you want to hear from, and how good are they? We pride ourselves on quality of recruit, whether you are seeking a broad general population target or a very specific niche profile. Our Project Managers use an applicant’s answers to customized screener questions for your research, along with the applicant’s profile video, to hand-pick each participant for you. On the rare occasion a subpar respondent gets through our Project Managers’ honed selection process, you receive a replacement participant free of charge.

You have global access through our database, concentrated mostly as follows: US, Western Europe, Asia (mostly China, India, Japan) and Latin America (primarily Mexico Brazil). As is the case for most digital research firms, our database bulges in the 18-49 demographic, but we have executed mobile video surveys with teens as young as 13, and the oldest active person in our database is 71. But above all, because qualitative research (vs quantitative) focuses on smaller sample sizes, making each individual recruit all the more important, we take the time to concentrate on what matters to you most: painstakingly sifting through the universe of potential participants to find the right match per your criteria.

The MindSwarms Difference

Rely on quality recruitment practices developed from the ground up.

The success of your qualitative research depends on your ability to collect data from the right participants. With this in mind, our founder, Tom Bassett, originally hand-selected participants from his network to join our database. Tom's network was built from 20+ years of experience in qualitative research, working with world-class brands like Nike, Sonos, Microsoft, Intel and Subway who all demand the highest quality respondents. We then invited the best participants to invite their own networks, and over the years our roster of participants has grown exponentially. To ensure that our database maintains a high level of quality, we practice ongoing engagement with participants, and diligently quality check each video response.

Meaningful Compensation

You do better work when you feel appreciated. So do our participants. We offer a base compensation of $50 per survey, which ensures that they’re willing give 100% in each of their responses.

Awarding Bonuses

You know that feeling of satisfaction when you get great participant responses, with significant stories, context, emotion and authenticity? We surprise bonus participants who give the top responses, specifically praising them on the quality they delivered, be it great footage, openness and depth of thought, etc.

Quality Assurance Checks

In the rare chance that you find a participant whose responses do not meet your stringent standards (or ours), we immediately replace them free of charge. As a follow up, we flag participants with unsatisfactory or incomplete responses to make sure they do not get accepted into another project.