About MindSwarms

See the world through their eyes.

Think of us as a tool for digital ethnography. With MindSwarms, you have a whole new tool set at your disposal.

MindSwarms is a video-based digital market research service that helps you make your product or service more relevant by bringing authentic consumer voices and faces into your development process. Our #1 point of difference is the quality of people we recruit: with qualitative research, quality people is what matters most.

We help you define your research objective, develop a recruitment screener, find the candidates that best match your criteria, develop the research questionnaire, and make sure the videos we collect for you are up to your standards in content & AV quality. Beyond that, we can write a top line debrief, create an in-depth report, and/or edit a curated video to bring the consumer insights to life for your team(s) internally.

"Fast. Flexible. Insights at a price you can afford."

Dimitrios Papadogonas, Virgin America

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"It helped me identify with the target audience."

Michiel Knoppert, Dell

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"It goes way beyond data; it's people's stories."

Albert Shum, Microsoft

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Why Video Consumer Feedback?

The vast majority of purchase decisions are emotional.

Our value proposition is simple: MindSwarms delivers rich emotional insights from consumers because brand, product and service purchasing decisions are largely emotional. And video is the best tool to capture and communicate emotion. That’s why the film industry is so influential, and the increase in video web traffic is growing exponentially: we all connect to human stories via emotion.

MindSwarms helps you collect more than just sight, sound and motion; it’s the human stories people share that we as fellow human beings identify with. Human beings are hard-wired to be experiential learners. We are programmed from birth to want to see for ourselves to not only come to our own conclusions, but to rely on our instincts to guide us. MindSwarms is a way to leverage our inherent skills as processors of human expression. It helps us understand the “why” behind the “what.”

A Tool for Empathy

When you understand what drives consumer behavior, you will make your brand, product or service more relevant.

Video allows us to absorb subtle, nuanced and latent information being telegraphed to us. Humans know how to read expression, hear the nuance of voice, and recognize the emotional context for what is being communicated. MindSwarms gives color and context to the data we collect.

MindSwarms isn’t a replacement for other methodologies, although it can be. It’s a brilliant addition to all of the tools at designers’, marketers’, advertisers’ and R&D professionals’ fingertips now.

In many cases, people working on a project or assignment aren’t the consumer themselves. MindSwarms is a way to create that human connection, to hear the stories behind the perceptions, usage, behavior and/or attitudes.